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March 9, 2021 - Michelle Itkowitz Quoted in Brick Underground in a Story About Online Housing Court

On March 9, 2021Michelle Itkowitz was quoted in Brick Underground, for a story entitled "With Housing Court Hearings Online, It May Be Cheaper to Fight Your Landlord". This was her contribution to this interesting article:

Efficiency isn't always preferable

Fees might be lower but attorney Michelle Itkowitz, founder of the Itkowitz law firm, says it takes a lot more than court appearances to fight a case. She points out fact gathering, legal research, analysis, the drafting of motions or opposition to motions, as well as continual work on evolving tenant defenses takes up the bulk of her practice.

"Sure, sitting around court for three billable hours becomes 15 minutes from your computer, that might cut costs but there's no way to quantify it," she says.  In fact, for a case she is working on she says the judge is giving the option of either having a virtual trial on Microsoft teams or waiting until the courts reopen. Itkowitz says it will be up to the client to decide how to go forward but she would encourage him to complete the process remotely. "It will cost him less," she says. However, all this efficiency isn't necessarily in a tenant's favor. Itkowitz says a more efficient virtual process also speeds up the outcome.

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