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January 2021 - Michelle Itkowitz and Lawline Bringing You "The Landlord Tenant Law Hour" CLE Series

Coming in January 2021, Michelle Itkowitz will be hosting and teaching the Landlord Tenant Law Hour, Lawline’s continuing legal education series on landlord and tenant law in New York.

Each show will tackle a specific landlord and tenant law topic. In some shows, Michelle will be joined by a special guests, other attorneys who are the absolute giants of the real property field in New York. The guests will help present the higher-level material, so you can learn more than just how to practice in this area; you can learn how to practice effectively. We will have debates, work on hypotheticals, and take your questions. 

Whether you represent tenants or landlords, sophisticated developers or New Yorkers in need; whether your interest is in co-op apartments or Rent Stabilized housing; even if you are just curious about this important area at the heart of real estate law -- this Lawline series will be your one-stop shopping destination for all your landlord and tenant legal learning needs. 

We will announce the classes here as they are produced!

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