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February 21 2017 -- Michelle Itkowitz on a panel with leading industry experts in the NYC Co-Op space at "Argo University for Boards" on Airbnb in Co-Ops

On February 21, 2017Michelle Maratto Itkowitz was proud to be on a panel with leading industry experts in the NYC Co-Op space at "Argo University for Boards", a unique training program created by Argo Management to bring high quality content and learning to NYC Co-Op leadership on the topics that matter most to them.  The panel was on Preventing Airbnb and Other Short-Term Subleasing Violations in Co-ops.  Click here to watch a preview of this panel.  We will update this post when the full video of the event is up.  

Michelle Itkowitz, Julie Zuraw, Tarshia Champagne, Lindsay Garroway

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