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Itkowitz PLLC awarded NYS Women Business Enterprise Certification

We are immensely proud that Itkowitz PLLC was recently awarded its NYS Women Business Enterprise Certification by the Empire State Development Corp.  We note that we are in the top 11 such law firms, by revenue, in New York City (not top 11% - top 11!).  According to NALP, the overall percentage of women associates has decreased over the last five years and women accounted for only 21.46% of the partners in large firms.  According to the ABA, women account for only 17% of equity partners.  Against this backdrop, Michelle Itkowitz decided that it was important to stand up and seek this important certification from New York State for the firm that she founded and owns.  Feel free to contact us regarding joint pursuits of MWBE real estate counsel opportunities.



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