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December 14, 2016 Michelle Itkowitz Presentation on Changing Law in Rent Stabilization Space

We are finishing out 2016 strong! -- On December 14, 2016Michelle has an excellent presentation prepared for the LandlordsNY Symposium.

There is a tremendous amount of upheaval in the Rent Stabilization space around past and future deregulations and overcharges. 

There is the Altman case, which probably means that 250,000 deregulated apartments are really still subject to Rent Stabilization.  
There are the Rent Laws of 2015, which changed the way you can deregulate in the future.
There is the Grimm line of cases, allowing tenants to look back BEYOND four-years on overcharges.
Then, of course, there is the Roberts case and all the illegal J-51 High Rent Vacancy Deregulations and nobody knows what the rents are there.

Things get harder to understand and navigate all the time.  But in this session – we are not going to waste any time complaining (we never do).  

In this session – we are going to give LandlordsNY members the bottom line on the exact status of all this law.  We will tell you what might change and what is pretty set in stone.  We will tell you best practices and point out where you have decisions to make.  The most exciting part is that we are going to take you through a sample building-wide risk analysis.  You will walk out of this session with actionable information with respect to all this law about how to:

Understand the risks in your building 
Prevent problems
Deal with existing tenant disputes
Maximize the rent roll for the future legally


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December 20, 2016 Michelle Maratto Itkowitz Teaching CLE for Lorman Education on Short-Term Illegal Sublets in NY MultiFamily Buildings

On December 20, 2016, Michelle will be teaching a Live Webinar Continuing Legal Education program for Lorman Education Services entitled: "Short-Term Illegal Sublets in NY MultiFamily Buildings: Prevention, Detection, Remedies".  Use this link to get 50% off!  

This model is prettier than Michelle - But we promise it will still be an awesome webinar!

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September 2016 -- Michelle Itkowitz Moderated at the NYC Real Estate Expo

On September 29, 2016 Michelle Maratto Itkowitz moderated the "Landlords and Managers" Panel at the NYC Network Group's 8th Annual NYC Real Estate Expo.

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September 2016 -- Michelle Itkowitz Presented at the SubletSpy "Comply Conference"

On September 27, 2016, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz presented on a panel at the SubletSpy "Comply Conference" in Chelsea.  She talked about the explosion in illegal short-term sublets (like Airbnb) - how to prevent, detect, and stop it.

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July 2016 -- Mastering Commercial Landlord & Tenant Law - Michelle Itkowitz Teaches Continuing Legal Education for Rossdale CLE

On July 27, 2016 Michelle Maratto Itkowitz taught a CLE for Rossdale CLE on Mastering Commercial Landlord & Tenant Law.  Michelle had the privilege of teaching this seminar with Mindy Stern, the incoming president of the the Real Property Section of the New York State Bar Association.  Link to materials here.  

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June 2016 -- Lawline CLE on Short Term Leasing (Airbnb) Evictions by Michelle Itkowitz

On June 28, 2016 Michelle Maratto Itkowitz taught a Lawline Continuing Education program entitled Short Term Leasing Evictions; the program focuses on residential evictions resulting from tenants engaging in illegal Airbnb rentals.  Learn what is legal and what is not, and what to do about it -- this program is good for landlords OR tenants!  Link to materials here.  

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June 2016 -- NYC Homes Where Murders Occurred Don't Faze Most Renters or Buyers, Real Estate Experts Say - Michelle Quoted in AMNY

On June 3, 2016, Michelle was quoted in AMNY in this amusing and interesting story -- "NYC Homes Where Murders Occurred Don't Faze Most Renters or Buyers, Real Estate Experts Say".  Michelle talked about how there is no duty in NYS to disclose that a residential home for sale is stigmatized - caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) prevails.


June 2016 -- TerraCRG Brooklyn Real Estate Summit 2016 – Tenant Buyouts for the Next Generation

On June 1, 2016 Michelle's presentation at TerraCRG's ONLY Brooklyn real estate show at BAM was about tenant buyouts. Michelle represents holdout tenants as well as landlords in buyouts.  She explored how landlords inadvertently create holdouts, how tenants think about buyouts, how developers can employ strategic planning to vacate a building in an ethical and effective way.  Link to materials here.  

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May 2016 -- Understanding J-51 & Rent Stabilization, a Lecture for the Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers

On May 18, 2016, Michelle Maratto Itkowitz gave a for-professional-credit presentation to the Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers on J-51 tax abatements for multi-family buildings and their effect on Rent Stabilization high rent deregulation.  

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May 2016 -- What’s Missing from your Multi-Family Lease? Filling in the Blanks that Aren’t There!

At the May 4, 2016 LandlordsNY Property Management Symposium at New World StagesMichelle Maratto Itkowitz rolled out the Online Residential Lease Creation Tool that she developed for LLNY.  The new lease is ridiculously easy to use and it educates Landlords as they fill it in.  Do you really want a legal fees clause?  What should you know about pets?  How many tenants should you list on the lease?

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Itkowitz PLLC awarded NYS Women Business Enterprise Certification

We are immensely proud that Itkowitz PLLC was recently awarded its NYS Women Business Enterprise Certification by the Empire State Development Corp.  We note that we are in the top 11 such law firms, by revenue, in New York City (not top 11% - top 11!).  According to NALP, the overall percentage of women associates has decreased over the last five years and women accounted for only 21.46% of the partners in large firms.  According to the ABA, women account for only 17% of equity partners.  Against this backdrop, Michelle Itkowitz decided that it was important to stand up and seek this important certification from New York State for the firm that she founded and owns.  Feel free to contact us regarding joint pursuits of MWBE real estate counsel opportunities.


January 2016 -- "Effectively Utilizing Commercial Lease Clauses in Landlord and Tenant Litigation"

On January 6, 2016, Jay B. Itkowitz taught a multi-state continuing legal education seminar for the Rossdale Group entitled, "Effectively Utilizing Commercial Lease Clauses in Landlord and Tenant Litigation".   The presentation focused on clawing-back free rent when a tenant defaults.   

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